Interior House Painting

Complete house interior painting, renovation and touch-up painting services. With customized design and color options, watch your house interior getting transformed with beautiful colors and texture.

Exterior House Painting

Expert exterior house painter who will not only make your home look great from the street, but will also do an excellent job of protecting your home’s exterior walls from the elements.

Wall Texture Paint

Having our professional painters work their magic on your home’s walls will give you a unique look that complements your decor and the current style. Wall Stencil Designs are also available, and they not only improve the visual appeal of your walls but are also stunning in their own right.

Wood Polish and Painitng

One of our specialties is painting and polishing wood furniture. All the major wood polishing methods, including French polishing, Melamine polishing, PU polishing, etc., are well within the painters’ skill sets.

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Frequently asked Questions

No, it is not needed because most of the companies offering house painting services will factor in all of the painting work required. They will move and cover the furniture, remove electronics and appliances, wall hangings, clean the walls, etc.

Moving furniture before painting is a common source of clutter and mess. Noida house painters who take their work seriously will always do their best to cause as little disruption as possible during the painting process. Every day when they finish work, they will clean up the area. Before hiring a house painter, it’s a good idea to make sure of this.

There are several factors which house painters consider, which include the size of the house to be painted, amount of protection needed for plants and furniture, number and intensity of paints, quality of paint used, and so on. After factoring in all these, the painter will be able to give you an accurate cost estimate.

You should consider seeking a house painting service at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the date you want the job completed. The earlier you schedule, the more time you will have in deciding on the colours, and other related factors.

The type of paint used is determined by the project. They also consider the preferences of the customers. Trusted house painting companies make certain to use paint brands that will last a long time.

It could take up to five days for the process to finish. The amount of time needed to paint will vary based on factors such as the current state of the surface to be painted, the total area that needs to be painted, the weather, etc. Get an estimate from your house painter on how long it will take them to finish the job.

The following are the steps we take in providing standard interior home painting services in Noida:
Step 1: Masking off furniture and any other non-paintable items that are attached to the wall.
Step 2: Sand the walls with water paper and a sanding machine.
Step 3: Apply the first coat of primer.
Step 4: Apply acrylic putty to the wall to level it.
Step 5: Sand the walls with water paper and a sanding machine.
Step 6: Apply a single coat of primer.
Step 7: Paint three coats.
Step 8: Remove the Masking
Step 9: Apply Touch-Up Paint
Step 10: Cleaning

Simply call us or fill up an Enquiry form to get an estimate. We will come to your home for inspection and wall measurement and offer a free quote, so you know exactly what you’ll be spending.

We have highly experienced estimators who are specially trained to guide you through the process step by step. When the estimator will come to meet with you they will walk the project with you to assemble all the mandatory information to prepare your project. They will listen to your concerns and will discuss and suggest the solution that will help you create the perfect painting project. Once we’ve elucidated all the details of your project the estimator will review the outline with you and all the services to be performed along with the price by assuring that we provide the best home painting services in Noida.

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